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Do I need an accident lawyer?

Do I need an accident lawyer?

Today, there is a wealth of information on the Internet with free downloadable forms. Some may think, why need a lawyer, as one can do it themselves, by research on the Internet and printing off some forms.

Some may even read this blog and consider my comments, self-serving. Similar comments were made when the South Australian government, decided to overall the CTP scheme that delivers compensation to persons injured in road accidents. Lawyers and other organisations implored the government not to implement the suggested changes. Our comments, were described by some as self-serving. Three years on, many of those critics, now realise that the new scheme is a “basket case,” which essentially deprives many decent law-abiding citizens of compensation for injuries caused to them by other negligent road users, resulting in considerable hardship.

The other day, an injured motorist can in and showed me a letter from the CTP Insurer making an offer of settlement for his claim. He wanted to know if he needed a lawyer. This letter was unsolicited. He had never been involved in an injury claim before and the offer (in the absence of detailed knowledge of his entitlements) appeared attractive to him. I examined the letter and after discussing the impact of the injuries on him, advised him that the insure was making a nominal offer for pain and suffering, but offered nothing for matters including future loss of income, the need for future domestic care services or allowance for future medical treatment expenses. What we injury lawyers’ call, a ‘lowball offer’.

Our role as expert personal injury compensation lawyers, is to maximise injured clients’ entitlements to compensation. We seek to obtain compensation, to compensate our client as best as possible for the injuries sustained and for the adverse impacts on the quality of his life and financial well-being. Ask the question: - “If you were an insurance company, what would your main goal be?” You, like many, may conclude, that the main goal of the CTP Insurer was to minimise the amount of payment of damages payable. After all that’s how most insurance companies make a profit; maximise premium income and minimise payouts. This is directly opposite to the goal that we have. Whilst our injured clients’, want to recover as best as possible, they also deserve to be to be compensated their rightful and fair entitlements.

I also explained during that meeting, that he could not expect to receive proper compensation, without proper investigation and collating of material including reports from treating doctors and independent specialists. The questions to ask such medical providers, to understand and particularise a claim for compensation, would not in my experience be known by clients, but would be known by experienced injury compensation lawyers.

In conclusion, you do need an accident lawyer, if unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident. Remember, that there is a one-off payment to finalise entitlements and therefore if an error is made, by a client handling the matter direct with the insurer, it is not possible to rectify the error by ‘having another go’. You can also take with the knowledge that  Adelaide Injury Law Firm services, are provided on a ‘no win no fee basis’, meaning that there will be no liability for professional fees, if compensation was not secured.

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