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12-point checklist in choosing your Adelaide Injury Lawyer

12-point checklist in choosing your Adelaide Injury Lawyer

Choosing a lawyer may seem a daunting task. Choosing the correct lawyer, for your compensation case is crucial. Your compensation claim is likely to take some time to settle, and it is important that during that process, you have confidence in your lawyer, which makes the initial selection more important.

With the benefit of having handled compensation claims for over 3 decades, I thought it useful to prepare a checklist to assist you in making this all-important decision.

Here is my checklist:

  • Was he/she professional in presentation?
  • Did he/she actively listen to you?
  • Will the person you initially saw, be the person handling your matter?
    • If yes, what is the experience of him/her?
    • If no, who will be handling your matter and his/her level of experience
  • If you ring the firm, are you able to speak to the person handling your matter?
  • What is their policy in relation to the timeframe in returning your calls?
  • Did you have the process clearly explained to you?
  • Did the lawyer talk in plain English, so you could understand him or her?
  • Was the anticipated timeframe to complete your matter discussed?
  • Was the method of charging and the amount of costs likely to be charged, clearly explained to you?
  • Were you given an opportunity to ask questions?
  • Did the lawyer seem interested? You want someone to have a real interest in your matter and not simply ‘go through the paces’?
  • Did you feel comfortable in putting your matter in their hands? I recommend using your intuition or ‘gut feeling’, when deciding if you are comfortable in dealing with the person you consulted.

If injured, we invite you to contact an expert compensation lawyer here at Adelaide Injury Law Firm, for a no obligation initial consultation, and use this checklist.


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