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Permanent Disability

What is Total and Permanent Disability?

Presently, most people have Superannuation Policies, if only because superannuation contributions are a legislated requirement of the Commonwealth Government.
Many policies have TPD (Total and Permanent Disability) benefits attached, in the nature of a lump sum, which may be substantial.
These benefits may ease the financial burden caused by your inability to work.

While policies differ as far as their wording is concerned, the usual requirement for entitlement is that as a result of the injury or illness, it is unlikely you will ever return to your job or any other employment for which you have education, training or experience.

What needs to be proven?

Adelaide Injury Lawyer will investigate whether your injury or illness results in an incapacity for work that is sufficient to meet the definition of TPD, and entitle you to benefits.

Choosing the right TPD claims lawyer

We have handled TPD claims for over 30 years. If you want a lawyer you can depend on to fight for your rights and correct the many poor decisions made by insurance companies, contact us. Please download our 12-point checklist on choosing your injury compensation lawyer.